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Books Galore

One of my favorite parts about my "me" time since I closed my business is the fact that I have been reading like crazy once again. Reading has been such a great love and since 2006, I really haven't had much time to sprawl out with a cup of tea and a good book--at least not on a daily basis!

Here are some of the books I am reading now:

What a witty writer "The Waiter" is. I finished this one last night. A fun, wonderful read...this was written by a blogger who ended up writing a book. Read it!

I've been making Giada's recipes since I started watching "Everyday Italian" a few years ago. As is always the case with her books, this one is filled with fabulous recipes.

The Christmas craft book was boring, though.

I think every single employee of any Estee Lauder company should be required to read this. Even though the grande dame of the cosmetics industry has passed on, this is a timeless read.

What strikes me the most is how Lauder began way back with 4 products--and believed you only needed those 4, one of which was a facial cleansing oil. She also wrote about using natural ingredients such as egg yolks. She truly was the pioneer of the natural, less is more approach to skin care and looking youthful. This was decades ago. Even though her company and most others have turned into something else, her initial products and beliefs are so interesting to read about.

I am also reading the late Bobby Murcer's autobiography. As a Yankees fan and a Murcer fan, this is particularly touching and of great interest to me.