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What Have I Been Up To?

I just wanted to share with you some happenings in my life. When I made the decision to close my business earlier this month, I was in desperate need of some me time. I even had an article about seeking "me time" published, ironically, this month.

Things have changed so much in so little time. When I made my closing announcement, it was exactly 3 weeks ago. I fully planned on working for another few weeks and then my inventory quickly dwindled down and I closed last week. The last order has been shipped and I am back to being a stay at home mom who blogs, writes freelance pieces, and makes a face cream only for existing customers and family members. 

A 360 degree change has taken place in such a short time.

I am loving every moment of it.

It's been several days now without KZM Facial Care Boutique on the mind. I didn't realize until now how wrapped up in my business I was. How some aspects of it were on my mind always. Always. Even when we were on vacation, I was wondering how many emails I would have in my inbox and thinking about the sunscreen formula I'd been working on for months to release at some point in 2010.

My mind is able to rest now. I am able to go to bed at night without a million thoughts racing through my mind. In fact, I am able to go to bed at night! Gone are the days staying up until 4am to try to get ahead and stay on top of my orders.

Tonight I am even going out with my friend, Christine. She's the witty one behind one of my favorite blogs, Finding Abundance in Everyday Life. I haven't had coffee with her since the end of June--time has flown right by! I can guarantee, like always, we'll be there exactly 3 hours. That's when the baristas politely tell us that Starbucks is "now closing".

Do you know what else is different in my life? I am able to sit on the sofa with my husband every night for hours--not just for 2 minutes to take a break. It is very nice.

I have unlimited time for Nick and Ben. They are no longer hearing me say, "Just a minute. I am working" or "Mommy cannot take you X, X, or X because I am working." They have their Mommy back full time, not just most of the time.

I'm able to just be present in each moment. I am able to be still. I am truly content--saying I am positively giddy each day would actually be accurate.

I've started some new traditions and returned to other joys such as reading and afternoon tea.  Every day after I drop Ben off at preschool, I go to the library. I have time for long, leisurely strolls. I can sit with a magazine and a latte if I so choose. I make tea everyday and use my best bone china teacups. I even have time to brew some loose tea these days.

I can wander around my favorite thrift shops, stroll down Park Avenue, bargain shop at TJ Maxx. 

Guilt free. No deadlines. And my energy has returned!

I've been able to spend more time on my writing.

I even signed up for two classes! In November, I'm taking a class on making earrings. In December, it's a brooch-making class. How fun!

My big tasks--painting the living room, 3 season room, hallway, and kitchen are going to take place and be all done by mid November. At least that's the plan!

I've decided to do some STRIPES (taupe and a shimmery cream) on at least one living room wall and a very vintage feel to it. In the kitchen, it's robin's egg blue. I'm even going to do something to my cabinets.

The hallway will be a bright, rich yellow. The 3 season room will house my primitives since I am no longer so into them. It'll be VERY country and prim out there.

I'll post some pictures as I get the rooms done--complete with my finds for each area from 1000 Markets, Etsy, and various thrift shops.

In this time that I'm reconnecting with myself, I realize how much happier I am. Life is so much less hectic. I was so worried that I would lose a huge chunk of my identity by closing up shop. I never realized, though, that I would actually be unearthing it.