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Shop Local: Vintage Bliss

I am having such a splendid day! 

This morning, I had my usual date with Mr. Benjamin after walking Nick over to school. Then I saw Nico for a haircut (I have given up trying to regrow this pixie into a long bob only to get it cut into a pixie again), made lunch for Ben and drove him to preschool.

I decided to drive to Webster after taking Ben to school. This is nothing new. I am in Webster often--either at Ulta or Hobby Lobby, but I headed somewhere new: Vintage Bliss on North Avenue.

I was reading the Democrat and Chronicle this morning and a local shop was featured in the Our Towns section. Truth be told, I am not fond of the D & C's shopping recommendations. This time, however, I am almost tempted to send fan mail to the editors because they introduced me to a place you local readers will adore.

Now, to say I am in love with this shop already would be rather silly, wouldn't it? I am most certainly, though, in lust with it. 

Let me give you a bit of background. I was reading the article about the busy mom to a son Nick's age and two older children. Her picture looked vaguely familiar. I kept reading and realized that Sheryn Kelderhouse, the owner, was the same Sheryn I worked with briefly when I was Business Manager for Lancome nearly 10 years ago. I haven't seen her since then, but was intrigued when I read about her new shop.

First of all, the name says it all. Vintage Bliss is just that--and more. To this Indie & vintage shopping fanatic, walking into the shop was like walking into the best of Etsy--handmade meets vintage wares. The shabby chic white building reminds me of a small house from another era and when I entered, I felt so welcome in the warm heart of that home.

I strolled through this shop, looking at vintage-inspired jewelry, bath and body products (some mentioned on the O List from Oprah Winfrey herself), handmade bags, furniture, stationery and so much more. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming, and oh so chic! It truly is like walking into a shop based on so many of the lovely finds you've seen right here on Chic & Green. There are vintage corkboards, mirrors, and chalkboards, too!  Eveything is just lovelyTo have this locally is fantastic.

Head right over to Vintage Bliss today. It's on Route 250 (North Avenue) in Webster (30 North Avenue to be exact). If you're coming off the Bay Bridge from Irondequoit, exit at Route 250, take a right, and it's just past Dunkin Donuts.

Sheryn also has a website. You can get to it by clicking here.

Something else to mention--Vintage Bliss is hosting several fall workshops at the store. You'll find yoga and journaling with Debbie Smith (whom I had the pleasure of meeting today as well), a Talulah's Fancy Trunk Show, and so much more. Check the store for details.

I cannot wait to return. They have some pillows I adore--black and white--and so much more! I was good, though...I took $3 in cash and left my credit cards at home for this trip. I'll write more after my next visit!