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NY FESTIVAL Shop Spotlight: Once Upon a Box

Today I'd like to have you meet Barbara, the talented woman behind Once Upon a Box right over on 1000 Markets. We're proud to have her as a member of NY FESTIVAL as well. Barbara will tell us a bit about her business and her inspirations.

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your projects?

A: The inspiration for my painted cats is my tuxedo cat Simon. I noticed one day that as he sat on the floor, his body looked like an egg. I had a wooden egg sitting on my drawing table (collecting dust) and decided to see if I could make it look like him. After I finished I showed the egg to my family and friends and everybody loved it so I decided to put my egg kitties on jewelry boxes, frames, and other three dimensional objects.

As for my painted boxes, I love the challenge of thinking of a design that will be continuous around all the sides and the top. Each box suggests something different to me. I get ideas for my designs in books, magazines, and the internet.

Q: How long have you been painting?

A: I've been painting since I went to art school, many, many years ago.

Q: Tell us a bit about your style.

A: My painting style is decorative. I worked for about fifteen years in the textile field painting designs for women's wear and home furnishings such as bedspreads and kitchen accessories. That's where I perfected my painting skills.

Q: Any new projects you're working on lately?

A: I keep a small journal with me at all times where I write down any thoughts I have about my work, and drawings for future projects. Since I have so many jewelry boxes in my shop, I thought it would be logical to start adding some painted jewelry such as earrings and necklaces. And maybe even get into doing some silver jewelry. It's always fun to try something new!