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My POMx Experiment: Part 1

I received a wonderful box from the friendly people at POM last week. They asked me to test out some of their antioxidant iced teas and then see what I could do with them using a bit of creativity.

I must first tell you that I am pretty loyal to another iced tea, Honest Tea. That being said, I tried the teas and have to say that they are DELICIOUS! I am a convert.

I already have enjoyed POM products for quite some time. I love their juices, particularly the Pomegranate Cherry. I just feel wonderful when I drink it--healthy and full of energy. Pomegranate is an antioxidant powerhouse. That is one reason I like it in everything from skin care to what I drink. You see, pomegranate is great for those with cardiovascular issues like me. It helps with blood flow and clogged arteries.

I have been trying out the various POMx Antioxidant Super Teas, and really have found them to be delicious and refreshing. I like some flavors better than others, but all have been good on their own and mixed in some neat recipes.

I wanted to share some of my POMx experiments with you and will do so every few days. I've made a smoothie, sangria, even a facial skin care product using POMx tea! Today I'll share my super healthy Soy Tea Smoothie recipe.

I chose the Wildberry Light Tea for this one. It has 35 calories and the number one ingredient is White Peony Tea Leaves--I love these for neutralizing free radicals--it was also the main ingredient in my soothing body spray when I was making it. It is a great tea. There is also blackberry juice in the tea, so I have chosen blackberries and raspberries in the recipe. You'll also get the benefits of soy from Silken Tofu.

Makes 1 tall glass and a little one for my smoothie-loving son:

2/3 bottle (16 ounce bottle) POMx Wildberry Light White Tea
2/3 cup Silken Tofu
Crushed Ice
2/3 cup blackberries
1/3 cup rasbpberries
1 T. buckwheat honey (any honey is OK, but this dark variety is antioxidant-rich)

Combine all ingredients in the blender. My blender has a "smoothie" setting. That is what I used. Blend until you've created your desired consistency. My husband likes a thicker smoothie. I like a thinner one. It's up to you!

I also like to garnish the top with fresh berries. A mint leaf works well, too!

Next POMx post will be the delicious SANGRIA I made!