Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

Monday Morning Bags!

Quilted shabby chic fall tote from Pink Lemonade Bags, $55

One of a kind altered bag from Treasures N Textures, $20

J'adore this bag from Flirt Bags! It's fabulous. $45

The Bayan Hippo made this chic purple tote for fall. 

A great pumpkin tote for autumn from Sew Mo, $65

The perfect recipe for a fall bag= teal + herringbone.
From Wooly Bison, $85

Chic red tote from Madame Houx of France, $44

Vintage meets couture bag from Mojo Spa Style,

"The Ladies Who Lunch" bag...animal meets demure ribbon from The Princely Collection.

The sweet bow adds a vintage flair to an already chic bag.
From O.C. Styles , $21.99