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Frugal Fridays: Vintage Beauty for $25 or Less

I had a ball finding these items for the blog today. It's amazing how far the cosmetics industry has come over the decades when it comes to technology. What I am most struck by, though, is how the feminine and glamorous packaging has taken a back seat. These pieces really were suited for keeping on display on the vanity.

I'm not suggesting you buy these to use (please don't!), but as collectibles, these are lovely.

The first fragrance I remember as a small child was Emeraude, as my mom and her mother both wore it. My mom had a rollerball perfume, while Grandma had everything. This vintage talc (something you really won't find these days because of safety concerns) can be found at Etsy's Old Skool Apparel for $12.

This lipstick from the early 1940s from Princess Pat is available at Regina's Studio for $23.75.
Chic & Green's question: Were only light, medium, and dark available shades at the time?
What was used to color them? I'm so curious--I might have to research this!

One of you needs to get this! It's a vintage cut glass lotion bottle with 24K gold plated lipstick holder.
Picture this on your vanity...and look at the price! From Yellow Rois1, $5

Those with an appreciation for the original female pioneers of the cosmetics industry will love this compact from Helena Rubinstein. It comes from Dan's Wuud Werks & Collectibles, $10

From the 1910's, this vintage cardboard compact is a true find!
$9.99 at Corlissbs

Mascara surely has come a long way since WINX was popular! 
From Merry Sunshine, $6.50

Cold Cream in powder form. Very interesting!
Available at MF Vintage (a Rochester-based business), $10

DuBarry Special Cleansing Preparation was a powder to mix with liquid and was made for removal of blackheads. Neat concept! It retailed for 85 cents. This one comes with a Lady Esther powder and can be found at Emmy & Lucy for $7

Estee Lauder Youth Dew set from the 60's from Carol's Needed Ewe, $24.25