Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

Freshly Squeezed for Fall

ZomBee is a limited edition soap from Alchemic Muse, $6

Orange stem earrings are from one of my favorites, Kristin Perkins

Blood Orange jam from Lemon Bird, $7

Scarf from Laughing Chicken on Etsy, $30

Filigree ring from Spotted Frog Designs, $9.99

Handmade canvas bag from Bayan Hippo, $35

The dear, sweet PattyMara has created this beautiful mica clay mug, $35

Shibori skirt for fall by Dye Diana Dye, $69

Candy Corn soy candle from Bliss, $13.95

Boucle handmade shrug is on sale for $15 at Auriis

Vintage lucite & faceted glass necklace from Musette Made, $26