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Edgy Eco Style

Full disclosure: I received a lovely box in the mail earlier this month from a fabulous company called A Lot To Say. They wanted me to try out a selection of products and review it on my blog.

I wanted to be up front with you from the start that I didn't buy these items unlike most products I have talked about here or reviewed (any product which has been sent to me is clearly stated as such). That being said, if you're familiar with my reviews, you know I am not one to hold back--if I don't like something, I say it.

I have a lot to say about A Lot To Say, though! 

First of all, the line brings eco-style to a whole other category. Yes, we can find organic cotton or bamboo these days. That is wonderful and I like both. It's rare to find a line of clothing and accessories, however, that is made entirely of recycled PET bottles.

Not only is this wonderful in that it takes a large amount of bottles out of landfills, but they're using PET bottles as opposed to using PVC, which is carcinogenic.

A Lot To Say's shirt making process also consumes much less energy. The shirts are 100% toxin free. That's a huge plus in my book.

Another great fact about A Lot To Say is that they use ZERO water to dye the shirts. To due ONE shirt traditionally, an average of 20 gallons of water are used. That is for ONE shirt. No water is used in the patented AirDye process.

Did I mention that these are completely made in the USA? Every aspect of A Lot To Say's products--from their initial creation to the sewing to manufacturing and shipping is done right here in America. That in itself is extremely rare these days.

Here are some things I had a chance to try from this company, which was founded by 2 sisters. Note: I also shared a shirt with a friend because I knew she'd wear it well:

One of Chic & Green's loyal local readers, Elizabeth, now is proud owner of the HOT black long sleeve tee from A Lot to Say.

The Unplug tank is really cute in person and, like all A Lot To Say gear, has a positive message.

$38.99 (long sleeved top) and 35.99 (tank)

This eco-friendly tote is great. It's lightweight, sturdy, and very eco-chic.
We are using it as our library bag and tote it back and forth with our books often!


This is what's on my cool scarf from A Lot To Say. It's all about respecting the earth, sustainable living, living more simply without waste and excess. Plus the colors are great with the black and white.

 It's very edgy! I actually wore this to lunch yesterday over a black boatneck sweater. I wore it loosely and it generated many positive comments once people understood the message.


I have been practicing meditation much more lately and plan to purchase a top soon with this message below:

The last thing I'd like to mention about this company is the fact that they give back to great causes.

One of the greatest things we can do on this earth is to give back to others. The company generously donates a portion of their profits to the wonderful charities listed here:

Stand Up to Cancer
Animal Rescue Foundation
Children's Hospice & Palliative Care Coalition
International Green Energy Council

If you're looking for truly sustainable, cutting edge styles on everything from umbrellas to bags to shirts, you need to check out A Lot To Say!