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Comfort Meets Luxury

My friend Amy at Barefoot Bling is having a sale right now on the Down Boy from Girl Two Doors Down line of slippers. What a great gift for yourself or to put away for the upcoming holidays!

Unfamiliar with the line? Marcia Cross of "Desperate Housewives" gave Down Boy from Girls Two Doors Down to her bridesmaids. Kelly Ripa and Jennifer Aniston are also fans. I can see why: the slippers are trimmed in rhinestones and satin and are the perfect blend of beauty and comfort.

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The slippers are normally $39, but are more than $10 off right now at Barefoot Bling

I was reading the late, great Estee Lauder's autobiography recently (it was actually published when I was just 10 years old), and she stated that no matter what a woman's income level was, her education level, or her outward beauty, that each and every woman wants to feel beautiful and pampered. It is so true. I know this every single night when I slather shea butter on my feet, liberally apply hand cream, and give my face the royal treatment. Having a beautiful pair of slippers makes us feel special and beautiful as well.

Head on over to Barefoot Bling. You'll love Amy's outstanding customer service, selection, and her glass files! If you missed it over the summer, check out my interview and DIY Thursday feature with Amy and my experience with her products right here on Chic & Green.