Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

Closing Time

I wanted to update my customers once again in case you're not a newsletter subscriber or blog reader--we're in the final hours to place orders before my permanent closing. I have sold out of a great deal more inventory than I anticipated at this point.

Did you miss my closing announcement? Here it is.

My 1000 Markets shop will remain open for orders until tomorrow morning. Depending on when I am online, the cart will no longer accept orders beginning around 8am.

Thank you so much for your years of support!

I also wanted to remind customers who've been buying my creams--Goat's Milk Facial Cream and couple other best-selling creams only will be available here on a limited basis. I know how you've come to love these couple items over the years and they'll be available to you on occasion to replenish. Nothing else will be available after tomorrow AM.

I'll keep the creams available for a few more weeks, and they'll again be available for repeat buyers after Christmas. I plan to have them available for you every couple months.

Thank you again very much.

Any questions? I'm always here to answer your email. Drop me a line at