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Another Blogging Award!

The delightful Lavayna just gave me the Kreativ Blogger award. Thank you so much, my friend.

Sharing with you some things I adore is part of receiving this award.

7 Things Making Me Smile These Days:

1. Now having the free time to sit with my husband after the boys go to bed and enjoy some nice conversation and share some laughs

2. Grape Pie season in the Finger Lakes region here in New York. Locals know how yummy these deep purple, rich pies are...yum! Add to that some apple picking and corn mazes and you have some key reasons I am happy fall has arrived.

3. Curling up with a good book and cup of herbal tea

4. Speaking of tea, Melita's tea trade is fabulous and I had so much fun sending out my end of goodies to a new friend the other day. I cannot wait to see what new teas are in my package :)

5. Browsing some lovely handmade shops online for Chic & Green is always a joy!

6. Long walks on a beautiful fall day along the canal trail in Pittsford or on Park Avenue...

7. Getting to know myself once again...making the decision to follow my heart is working out beautifully thus far...reading The Joy Diet and being part of the blogging book club is also wonderful right now.

I have so many favorite blogs--it's very hard to choose who to pass the award on to! I adore City Girl's blog & Christine's blog especially...but all of you bloggers are Kreativ Bloggers in my book!