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30 Days of Fall Inspirations: Day 3

We've seen from the lineup at Tiffany & Co. that keys are a popular trend going into fall. If you're unwilling and unable (I know I'm not) to spend $11,000 on a key pendant to keep up with the latest trends, why not check out these handmade, one of a kind finds from selected merchants at 1000 Markets?

Transient Treasures brings you a Good Luck necklace for $85.

"History Lessons" is a lovely piece from The Owl's Den, $35

Paris chic necklace is from Arete, $28

ic necklace from Arete, $28
Upcycled key necklace from Irais Bloom, $25.50

Bolo key with heart from Purty Girl Designs, $40

Vintage skeleton key with lampworked bead from Kim V Glass, $35

The Secrets key from Iacua, $68