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Sharing Some Talent...

Washcloths and tags made by Beth

I have spoken of my friend from Michigan, Beth, before. She's a mom to two beautiful children, a talented graphic designer, photographer, and can do wonders with her needle and thread.

Beth has made sachet pillows, gift bags, and baseball "taggie" for Benjamin, and a fabulous dinosaur tooth pillow for Nicholas. Her talent is endless.

I received a beautiful package in the mail from Beth the other day and I just had to share it with you. I was telling her I was pondering including handmade washcloths as part of a large skin care set in my shop and asked her if she ever makes them. A few days later, this great package arrived. She sent several washcloths my way--some in terry, others in chenille. I have to tell you that the chenille ones are just amazing!

I am browsing fabrics to coordinate with my packaging and hope to offer these someday.

By the way, one thing I love about Beth's creations is her packaging. She included her handmade tags, all with inspirational quotes or lovely pictures. She doesn't sell online right now (she used to), but I am really hoping she offers her work on the net soon!