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Monday's Food: Honest Tea

Recipes and local recommendations usually fill my Monday's Food feature. Not today. I'd like to give a quick product rave for my favorite iced tea. If you're a local reader and see me in person, there is a 75% chance I'm holding a Tim Horton's Iced Coffee (medium French vanilla with a hint of milk) in one hand. I love my coffee.

On a hot summer's day, though, nothing is more thirst-quenching than iced tea. I make my own with my vanilla tea bags from Teaman on Etsy, Numi green tea and fresh mint leaves, or regular black tea.

When I am out and about, I always look for Honest Tea. I have two favorites--I used to drink only the Moroccan Mint Green Tea (17 calories), but when I met City Girl in Washington last week, I purchased the Pomegranate White Tea with Acai for the first time. I don't generally add sugar to my tea, but this is sweetened just a touch with organic cane sugar, has 40 calories and was really delicious. I've since purchased it 3 times at Wegmans since we returned home for vacation.

It's hard to choose which one I most enjoy, but if you have been to Teaism before, the Honest Tea Moroccan Mint is nearly identical to theirs. So refreshing!

Why do I like Honest Tea as opposed to some of the other brands on the market? There are no genetically modified organisms (non GMO), it's certified organic, gluten free, Fair Trade, and committed to bettering the earth.