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Back to School Shopping: Lunch Bags

It's hard to believe that one month from now, Nick will be in first grade. Not only does that mean he will turn 6 (on 9.4) but it also means he will be in school all day long and need to take his lunch with him.

We haven't purchased a lunch bag/box yet. He said he thinks he might want a Transformers lunch box like every other boy in his grade, but this mom has been browsing the green options.

Here are some great finds!

This organic cotton lunch sack comes with bamboo utensils.
While you're checking it out, look at the rest of this unique shop. There are so many wonderful
finds! From Art and Philanthropy, $25

What a fabulous linen lunch set from Country Life Naturals, $38

Simple and sweet lunch bag from My Silly Monkey and Me, $9

Personalized lunch bag from Elissa Hill, $30

Fully insulated lunch tote made by Sugar B, $25

Goshdarnknit created this lunch tote, $20

Love this one! It's from Britgal Designs, $19

What a great bag from Julie Meyer, $24

A cheerful bag from Rosy und Posy, $12

Insulated tote from Naturally Felt, $19.50