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Another Afternoon in Rochester: The Classy Cookie & Deli...and more!

This is The Classy Cookie & Deli, a must stop bakery on Park Avenue.

(Photo from Classy Cookie site)

Breakfast in the park sounds like a great community idea!

The boys in front of the cool pencil at Writers & Books

Ben chose the M & M...his Sugar Cookie with Buttercream Icing fell on the ground.

Nick liked the Peanut Butter Kiss and M & M

My favorites: Molasses and Chocolate Crinkle

In front of the ArtWalk Cat by local artist, Vincent Massaro

Craft Company No. 6 is right across from the park and is one of my favorite shops to go (sans boys...too many breakable items).

The boys and I headed back to the city on Wednesday. There really are so many things to do in the Rochester area, with so many great eateries and shops.

We went to a place I haven't been to since 2004 when me moved from Park Avenue to the suburbs: The Classy Cookie.

You see, The Classy Cookie is a fabulous little bakery and deli located at 111 Park Avenue on the bloack between Meigs and Alexander. The back of our old house faced the back of this bakery. In fact, when it was warm enough to leave my kitchen windows open, the aroma of cakes and cookies used to waft throughout the house.

When I was pregnant with Nick, I used to take the very short walk over and enjoy three cookies: 2 Molasses and 1 Chocolate Crinkle. I did this daily until I began my bedrest at 32 weeks.

I usually bake our cookies now or else buy the boys the mammoth cookies for only $0.65 each at De Vincenzo Bakery on Portland Ave. here in Irondequoit. The boys and I were headed to Park Avenue anyway, so it was time to introduce them to one of my old favorites.

Prices haven't changed much over the years. This place is very reasonably priced. You can still buy a good sized piece of their delicious carrot cake for less than $3.

The cookies are $0.55 each, 6 for $2.75, or $5.50 for a dozen. Cookies are on the small side, but they are absolutely delicious!

There are 2 tables outside and a handful inside. We decided to head further down the avenue to the park at the corner of Barrington St. and Park Ave. There are lots of flowers, some benches, and a serene atmosphere. We sat down under a shade tree, enjoyed our cookies, and did some people watching.

We ordered 6 cookies. We were each going to have 2, but Benjamin dropped one of his in the dirt, so he couldn't enjoy it. He ate some of mine instead.

When we finished our snack, we drove over to the Neighborhood of the Arts and parked on University Avenue in front of another fantastic local institution called Writers and Books. The boys wanted to stand by the building's "giant pencil." There is a park right there, located at the corner of Merriman Street and University Avenue. The boys played for a little while, while I sat on a bench which had been hand painted. In this neighborhood, you'll find all sorts of touches by local artists--from mocaics on the light posts to creative benches and other seating. If you walk a little bit more, you'll find large photography on display.

We also noticed a banner at the park for a neighborhood association-sponsored event held every other Saturday from June to September: Breakfast in the Park. What a great way for area residents to meet their neighbors!

I was so tempted to walk across the street to Craft Company No. 6. Unfortunately, this great boutique has lots of fragile items and Nick and Ben aren't a great fit for this kind of setting. If you're able to, though, stop in and check out the jewelry of one of my favorite designers, Kristin Perkins.

We had fun in Rochester the other day. Yes, the city offers fantastic museums. We visit the Strong National Museum of Play often, as well as the Museum & Science Center and Memorial Art Gallery. On a nice day, though, it's great to explore other treasures in the city!

We also visited the Irondequoit Farmer's Market yesterday and got some great items. Next week, I am going to take you on a trip to my hometown of Palmyra. We'll "visit" a great local cafe. pottery shop owned by a former classmate, and ice cream shop.