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Park Avenue Afternoon

Benjamin tries his lemon gelato from Roman Holiday.

Nick enjoys his brownie from Spin Caffe.

I have great affection for the Park Avenue neighborhood in Rochester.

Minus the year we lived in Savannah, Tom and I lived in this neighborhood from 1997 until Nick was 10 months old. I loved being able to walk out the door and walk to galleries, boutiques, bakeries, coffee shops, and great restaurants. The only thing missing was a grocery store.

Yesterday after Nick's t-ball camp and lunch, we headed to Park Avenue and parked on Argyle Street. We walked up and down Park Avenue for a nice stroll and then decided to have a snack.

Nick doesn't like ice cream, so we first stopped in Spin Caffe so he could get a mammoth M & Ms brownie. It was so big that we brought home 2/3 of it. The damage? $2.75.

We then walked next door to Roman Holiday Gelato so Ben and I could have a small treat on a beautiful day.

Ben chose Lemon and I had the Turkish Coffee with a small scoop of chocolate chips on top.

This coffee buff enjoyed the flavor of this gelato! It had all the flavor of a full-bodied espresso with a hint of ground espresso beans. It was delicious. The damage for one kiddie and one small dish? $6. I do have to say that the kiddie and the adult small are identical in size. Ben, my 4 year old ice cream lover, was only able to eat about 1/2.

A note on the gelato texture--this was less creamy than I have had before. It is more like that of a sorbet--meaning it was a bit more icy. I would like to go next week further down the avenue to another new to me gelato shop called Roam. I am hoping for a creamier gelato there. That being said, there were a couple other flavors I'd like to try at Roman Holiday: Strawberry Chocolate Chip and Tahitian Vanilla.

The best part of our outing was just sitting outside Roman Holiday at a table to chat and people watch together, just the boys and me.