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Monday's Food: Trip to a Farmer's Market

A little bit of produce from the Farmer's Market

Ben with new hanging basket...Large basket for $10

Organic, cage-free eggs, $2 per dozen

This honey is fantastic in Teaman's Vanilla Tea
From Fiegel Apiaries, $4 (16 oz.)

I planned to go to the Rochester Public Market on Saturday. I needed to take Nick and Ben for haircuts, though, so I only had an hour to spare before it closed. The last hour of the Public Market isn't the best time to go--the 2/$5 cheesecake vendor, cheese man, and other favorites of mine are usually packing up or nearly empty.

I decided, instead, to go to the farmer's market at Greece Ridge Mall. It is only a few minutes away from Irondequoit and I didn't have to worry about parking.

Ben and I went around 2 o'clock. I was very pleasantly surprised to see a couple dozen stands set up with an assortment of fresh produce, organic and grass-fed meats from a local farmer, fresh flowers, herbs, honey, and more.

I spent $25.75 and bought the following items:

Blueberry Honey for $4
A hanging basket of flowers for $10
1 quart of delicious cherries $2.50
1 extra large bunch of red leaf lettuce $2
1 dozen cage-free, organic eggs for $2
1 super large head cauliflower for $1
Enough broccoli to eat daily for a week for $1
3 lemons for $1
1 lime for $0.25
1 basket of assorted produce (1 onion, 1 zucchini, 4 red potatoes, and 2 tomatoes) for $2

I know if I had gone to my favorite local garden center that the flowers alone would've been at least $20 for the basket. I saved quite a bit of money and brought home some great finds.

With the exception of 1 of the eggs, the eggs at the Farmer's Market are much larger than any other local eggs I have seen. The yolks are large and so fresh--I'll definitely buy my eggs here again. In fact, the business I purchased our eggs from also sold me my lemons, lime, and some veggies. For $5.25, I was able to purchase 3 lemons, a lime, broccoli, califlower, and the eggs!

I love to buy local goods. I believe so strongly in buying locally that I even decided to buy my new car last week at the Nissan dealership right here in Irondequoit. Buying in our community truly benefits our community. I frequently buy my meats at Rubino's on East Ridge Road, my bread at Di Vincenzo Bakery on Portland Avenue, and produce at Aman's over in East Irondequoit. We have a nice farmer's market each Thursday at the Town Hall on Titus Avenue. It's held on Thursdays from 4pm until dusk. I really have to get there this week--I've been tied up the last several Thursday afternoons and haven't made it there yet this season.

If you're headed to Greece or are as close by as we are in a neighboring town, I highly recommend a trip to their Farmer's Market. It runs Thursdays and Thursdays from 9-3. It's in the parking lot on the Long Pond Road side of the mall right near Sears.

I'm going back this week because I forgot to pick up some of the beautiful sunflowers we saw ($1 for a large stem).

Do you have any favorite local spots?

Here are some of my other favorites in the area mentioned in C & G: