Tuesdays at the New Romantic

Today begins Tuesdays at the New Romantic. The New Romantic is one of the wonderful markets on 1000 Markets I am proud to be a member of. Every Tuesday you'll find a selection of fabulous items from this market, as well as feeatures on individual businesses.

Perfect for summer, this watercolor is by Karen Faulkner Original Art, $20

I love polka dots! This tropical weight wool skirt is handmade by Chyk Shop, $49

A gorgeous chandelier made by Sheri's Crystal Designs, $285

Celadon green quartz necklace from Dal Mare, $37

Summer fiber necklace from Kanokwalee Designs, $34

Purple crown from The Other Sister, $42

Summer Citrus 100% natural lotion bar from Hartley Soap Co., $5

Porcelain pear from New Moon Studio, $22

This exquisite cuff is from le Enchantement, $55

Giclee in Texas Blue Bonnets from L. Young Studio, $42


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