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Soap, Sweet Soap

I just opened my mail a few minutes ago and received an order from Southern Vermont Soap which was placed on Friday.

I ordered one bar of Chocolate Cream Pie soap, a palm oil free soap. It smells heavenly and truly looks like an item one would find at a bakery, with the "chocolate shavings" and all.

In addition to this shea butter bar, Nadine threw in a free Margarita Lip Balm. You'd think I would have tons of lip balms, but the boys disappear with them and use them when they're playing "beauty salon" or just to draw on the walls when I am not watching (sad, but true). This lip balm is stellar and tastes just like the real I had a heart healthy green tea smoothie with a Margarita lip balm chaser this afternoon.

Some thoughts on soap:

I now have three soapers I consistently buy from. Why? They are all completely different.
If I had to choose one, it'd be Aunt Nancy's, without a doubt. Her soaps soothe and soften my skin like no other. They are so, so gentle. I have loved them so much that she makes my Bee Facial Bar for my shop. I use her bars on my kids. Tom uses them. I use them. They are just spectacular.

I also like Alchemic Muse and Southern Vermont Soap.

I like Alchemic Muse when I am looking for a beautiful bar in very unique scent blends. These look like soaps found in higher-end boutiques and are just unique in the scent blends. You won't find her interesting fragrance blends (using essential oils) anywhere else.

What I like about Southern Vermont Soap is Nadine's selection of sea salt bars and bakery scents. Not all are free of palm oil, but you can find some wonderful ones that are.
It's hard to find a wonderul chocolate blend or a sweeter, bakery-inspired coconut. Her shop has these.