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New at 1000 Markets!

Bracelet by Abby Horowitz Designs, $50

Print by Victoria Usova, $16

The Extreme Red necklace by Nenni, $190

Eco pendant made by Sandra of The Preserve Jewelry Studio, $42

Earrings made by Ronnie of My Three Jewels, $29.99

Sarong Noir from Theme, $10

Espresso brownie with dulce de leche from Whimsy & Spice, $8

I am thrilled to announce the opening of a new, fabulously wonderful market at 1000 Markets!

I have wanted to start a market on 1000 Markets which captures the essence of New York and our festival atmosphere. My local readers know what I mean. We have the Lilac Festival, Corn Hill, Clothesline Festival, Fairport Canal Days, Park Ave., and so much more here from spring through fall. It's such a part of our tradition here.

Residents of other parts of NY have experienced the street festivals and the sense of community spririt they possess.

This feeling is captured in the beautiful new market, NEW YORK FESTIVAL. I've been working on this for the past several weeks. I've had guidance from two wonderful members of the market: Ronnie of My Three Jewels, and Sandra of Preserve Jewelry Studio. The most talented Kristen of Flyleaf Books listened to the message I wanted behind the artwork and she designed our gorgeous banner and portrait. Thank you so much, ladies, for your support!

We have a group right now of ten shops. Applications are currently being accepted for review for shops wishing to join.