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Diary of a Sleepless Night

So what does this girl do when she can't sleep? She sits, writes in her journal, looks at Facebook, checks baseball scores, and has the thoughts posted below.

...but they were so good!

Does he even know what is in White Rain?

Yes, the dog sleeps diagonally every night...

Really! Let's leave your child outside while you flirt with the barista. Note: We watched that baby like a hawk. We're protective moms, afterall!

It took 4 hours....and Ben was called a moron. See above note from where Nick may have learned the word "moron"--unfortunately when I am driving and get cut off by a moron, I have the tendency to say, "What are you, a moron?" or something to that effect under my breath.

Lesson learned...but we had fun...and stayed 'til we got kicked out for the third time in a row.