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Cuff bracelet from Eleventh Hour, $12.50

One of my favorite little gift shops in the area is the Eleventh Hour Gift Shop.

Back when I was a twentysomething living off of Park Avenue, we had an apartment without a washer/dryer hook up. We went to the Park Avenue laundromat, which happened to be located near Charlie's Frog Pond and Jines, so I could grab a good bite to eat while my clothes were in the dryer. When I wasn't doing that, I could be found at ELEVENTH HOUR, a fabulous gift shop at 622 Park Avenue next the the UPS Store. If you frequent the area, it is on the side of the building that houses Wilson Farms, Cobbs Hills Pizza, and the former Eckerd. The gift shop faces the parking lot.

I was in there Saturday buy Tom a birthday card and to get some Mother's Day cards for my mom and my mother-in-law. While I was checking out, I spied a colorful handmade bracelet and had to check it out.

I looked at the small rack, which housed 4 or 5 similar bracelets. The beads all varied a bit. The cuff bracelet was $12.50. I decided to buy it, knowing I can wear it with nearly anything. As a matter of fact, I've worn it everyday since Monday with the exception of yesterday! What a bargain this one was.

Eleventh Hour has a wonderful assortment of jewelry by Indie artisans. They also carry glassware, candles, Camille Beckman hand care products, and so many lovely and unique finds.

As much as I love living where we do now, I get nostalgic whenever I am on Park Avenue. We lived in that neighborhood of the city until Nick was about 10 months old. We lived right near a cute little place called The Classy Cookie, and when I was pregnant with Nick, I had more than my fair share of molasses cookies! In fact, I could stand on our back deck (which faced the back of the little restaurant) and smell the cookies being baked each day. Lucky girl! 

I used to wheel him all over the place in his stroller, from the corner of Meigs all the way down to Berkeley St. and back. Tom and I used to walk to dinner several nights a week and some of the great restaurants. Of course, I used to love to walk to the quaint shops.

If you live in this area, make it a point to spend part of a free day having breakfast outdoors at Jines, and make your way down the Avenue to Parkleigh and all the great shops in between. Finish your day with afternoon tea at La Tea Da Tea Room at the corner of Alexander and Park.

Note: There is no website for Eleventh Hour, but there phone number is 256-1450.