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Saturday's Etsy Love: Cory Cool

I ordered the zebra clutch above

The yellow lining makes this bag pop!

Dress this bag up or down!

I have a thing this season for clutch bags. I actually like handmade bags in general and have been carrying my favorite shabby chic brakcloth bag from my dear friend, Trina, a great deal this season.

If you know me, you know I wear black and white. Almost daily.... At least black, anyway. I add my color typically with accessories and my shoes. I also love zebra prints in my accessories. I don't wear them, ever since I had a pair of zebra maternity cropped pants in 2003 that looked so chic online but not so much with the zebra stripes stretching around my huge pregnant belly!

I found the best of both worlds on Etsy yesterday at Cory Cool.

I found a zebra clutch with a cheerful, kelly green lining in the shop and I cannot wait until it arrives!

Like clutches? Check out Cory Cool's shop on Etsy today and be sure to tell her Chic & Green sent you on over!