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DIY Thursday: Revitalizing Herbal Shampoo

Soapwort can either be pink or white. 

This is the lather just with water and soapwort!

I like the herbal scent of this tea

The herbs on top are marshmallow root

After adding in and steeping the tea bag

Today on DIY Thursday, we are going to make a 100% natural shampoo with a lesser known herb called Saponarin Officinalis, or Soapwort Root. This is actually a perennial and can be grown right in your garden. What is neat about this shrub is that it contains saponins, lathering agents. That is why this makes for a great ingredient when making your own shampoos or liquid soaps. Be careful, though, because it really stings the eyes.

If you choose not to grown soapwort, you can buy it from several reputable suppliers including Mountain Rose Herbs. If you want to save time, you can also buy it in powdered from from several online venues, health foods stores, etc. You can check out Monterey Bay Spice Company online for this. In fact, the various herbs we are using today can all be purchased there and are available in both powder or chopped.

This shampoo needs to sit for 30 minutes or so and then be strained.

Who it is best suited for: If your hair is feeling weighed down or a bit limp this season from heat, humidity, exercise, environmental factors, and product residue, this is for you! 


1 cup of distilled water
2 T. soapwort root, chopped
1 Tazo Lotus Tea Bag
1 t. wildflower honey
1 T. marshmallow root, chopped
1 t. Melissa (Lemon Balm) powder
5 drops each lemongrass and peppermint essential oil

To Make:

Boil water. Add the herbs. Add tea bag. Now stir in the honey. Stir gently. Now add the essential oils. Cover. Let infuse for at least 30 minutes and strain. Pour into a bottle.

This fills a 6.5 ounce bottle I am using--the herbs will absorb some water, and if you're like me, you might just spill some, too.

Use this as a treatment shampoo or fill a small basin to use as an aromatic foot soak as part of your pedicure. Use within 5 to 7 days.

Why these ingredients?

Obviously the soapwort is your lathering agent and will be the cleanser. No sulfates! Now, you can vary this so many ways depending on personal preferences.

The Tazo bag of tea just smells therapeutic. The amount of green tea and lotus in this bag is going to be negligible, but it will provide you with a nice scent to go along with the other herbs. The lotus flower has been used for years and years to revitalize the scalp, though.

Wildflower Honey (I either use Dawes or Doan Farms, both locally harvested)--this honey will give your hair a nice sheen and it'll be so soft!

Marshmallow Root--this does not smell like marshmallows, unfortunately, but I am all for using this herb in shampoo because it lends great slip to the formula and helps it stay smooth and detangled. More importantly, it is highly beneficial to the scalp and has revitalizing powers.
It is used in many high end shampoos.

Lemon Balm--this is so refreshing! If you have limpness in your hair, or perhaps it is a bit greasy from product buildup, this minty herb will help remedy the problem. It is not best for dryness, but is great to stimulate the scalp and treat a bit of oiliness.

Lemongrass Essential Oil--Adds a bit of lustre and is invigorating

Peppermint Essential Oil--Cooling and gives a feeling of revitalization; great for dandruff, too!