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Chic & Green Updates

This week will begin a series of new features Monday through Friday on Chic & Green.

Monday: Monday's Food (Recipes)
Tuesday: Tuesday's Essential Oil (Learn all about a new oil each week)
Wednesday: What's In It Wednesday returns!
Thursday: DIY Bath & Body
Friday: Bargain Day! (Indie finds for $10 and under)
Saturday: Etsy Love
Sunday: Most likely will remain an off day for C & G

*Afternoon Delight (Great treats found online for your sweet tooth!) will continue to appear a couple of days a week!


Chic & Green: On the Road will debut soon with Asheville as our first stop! We will travel (virtually most times....) all over the USA and find some stellar Indie finds.

Shop NY will start this week with visits to great shops across NY! This week, we'll visit a great bakery in Rochester's Corn Hill neighborhood! 

What Else?

This week at some point I'll be posting a review of my amazing package from Crater Lake Company, including Sharonn's great new shampoo and several perfumes!

We'll also have more interviews with great Indie businesses coming soon....

Did you know Watkins recently started ditching the nasty chemicals in some of their products in exchange for wholesome, natural ingredients? I'll review some of them for you!


As always, I welcome your suggestions and comments! Thank you for reading!