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Solid shampoo bar from Aquarian Bath

This is the navy choker from Strands

Pretty presentation...

A hair ornament was attached to the wrapping...quite lovely!

My order from earrings were in my ears by the time I took this...

It's been a nice day for mail!

I received my lovely earrings from Kristin Perkins today--how wonderful that I happen to be wearing a shirt that goes so well with the earrings so I already have them on!

This is my second pair of earrings from Kristin and I couldn't be happier with the quality or customer service. 

I also received a blue ruffle choker, which is a rather dramatic accessory from Strands. It is beautiful, of great quality, and will dress up a scoop neck or boatneck solid top and dark jeans! I recommend this seller! 

I'm very, very happy with both sellers and will continue to do business with them.

The third item I received is one I would like to talk about more in depth. I ordered a Carrot shampoo bar, and couldn't be happier because it was palm oil free. There wasn't a complete list of ingredients, but I went ahead and ordered because I figured that a palm oil-free soaper wouldn't include ingredients that aren't animal friendly.

I am not a Vegan. I am, however, an animal lover. I use goat's milk, some honey, and beeswax in my products that I use and that I make if I know how they are sourced.

I will not, however, use tallow (rendered beef fat) or lard (rendered  fat from a pig's abdomen ) in anything I use or make. Same thing with emu oil. It personally goes against my own code.

I was surprised when my shampoo bar came today and included lard as the third ingredient. There were essential oils listed in the item description, but nowhere was patchouli mentioned. Patchouli happens to be something I am extremely sensitive to and even the smallest detection of it makes my allergies flare up terribly. There is patchouli in this.

When I opened it up, I could immediately detect the patchouli. With the scent of this essential oil and the use of lard, I will not be able to use this.

I very nicely contacted the seller. I told her how beautiful the soap is and that I am sure it is wonderful, but mentioned the concerns I had as I mentioned them to you.

I am happy because she did respond promptly, so that shows that she cares about her customers. She said I can mail the bar back to her and be issued a refund. I know someone I think will enjoy this, so I will be giving it to a friend instead. The seller also said how patchouli can anchor other fragrances, which is true in aromatherapy. However, patchouli--even though it can be a great base note--emits a very strong scent and I just cannot wear it.

The seller said she would place the ingredients in her shop, as they are in her Etsy shop, although there is still no mention of patchouli as I type this. Here are the ingredients currently listed in the item description, which you can see are different from the ingredients label on my box, shown up above:

Carrot juice, jojoba, rosemary infused extra virgin olive oil, bay rum essential oil, lemon essential oil, parsley essential oil, cypress essential oil, castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter, lard, canola oil

I am not complaining--the seller was friendly in her correspondence and she did tell me that if she makes a vegan recipe on day she'd be happy to send me a sample. I think that is really nice of her to do. I just wanted to say, and I should've known better myself, was that it is so imporant for shoppers to know each and every ingredient in a product. It is also important--and a responsibility--as sellers to list each and every ingredient for customers to make informed decisions before they hit the "buy" button.

So would I recommend Aquarian Bath? If you do not mind lard in your soap (and many people like this for the creamy lather it can produce), yes. I would also email to make sure that the ingredients list in absolutely complete. Her items looks really nice and I can tell you that I did receive prompt attention and customer care, but I would definitely double check the ingredients if that is of concern to you.