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Shop Local: Allens Hill Farm

The muffins get Benjamin's official seal of approval!

A glowing review from Nicholas!

The muffin on Mommy's plate this morning -- Yum!

One of the three mixes I bought

We made these this morning.

I'll make these over the weekend.

The back of each package has great info and a simple, healthful ingredients list.

You may remember me telling you that I would be participating in an event in my husband's hometown, Victor, at the PTSA Earth Day Celebration.

I went last night and had a great time meeting some of my exisiting internet customers and getting to know new customers. One of the best parts of the night was taking a look at some of the wonderful local vendors.

I was located across from Allens Hill Farm, a company based in nearby Bloomfield. Allens Hill Farm offers all-natural muffin, cookie, brownie, and pancake mixes, as well as many other items. You'll find homemade granola and other healthy treats as well. The signature creations at Allens Hill Farm, however, are both their Apple Cider Molassesand Dukkah, a Middle Eastern food. 

In my rush to get to Victor, which is about a 30 minute drive in rush hour, I realized I didn't eat dinner. I was so hungry that being placed across from Allens Hill Farm made the temptation level strong. The owner of the business kindly offered the guests samples of his delicious brownies and snack bars, and I admit to trying a couple samples. I was very interested in the mixes because they contain no additives or preservatives. The flour he uses in un-bleached and un-enriched wheat. He uses several wholesome grains in his items, especially his 8 grain muffin mix.

Here is what I bought:

*Apple Cider Molasses Cookie Mix

*Buckwheat Pancake Mix

*8 Grain Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix

We made the muffin mix this morning. They are not your typical drive-through muffin. They are far better than many of your typical bakery muffin. I just had to add 2 eggs, some water and oil to the mixture, which came with a separate bag of chocolate chips. About 14 minutes later in my oven, the muffins were done.

You can taste all of the different grains, especially the buckwheat and corn flours. They were a wholesome tasting muffin, and they were incredibly delicious. 

The boys each had 2 and asked for thirds, but after they had already each eaten a container of vanilla yogurt and a banana, I thought they had enough already.

I am very impressed by Allens Hill Farm. You can find their delicious products locally by clicking the link for a listing.

In the coming days, I will tell you about 2 other great local finds I hadn't known of before last night.