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Feminine Care Goes Green: Part 2

Cloth kit from Go Green, Girl! $12.60

Set of 3 from Sparkliestar83 on Etsy, $8

Phreaky Boutique has the best of the bunch, without a doubt.
I bought the Petite Organic Liner for $7.

This is a more in depth follow up to last month's Feminine Care Goes Green article.

I know some of you do not want to read about feminine hygiene while you're hear to talk lipstick and look at earrings, but this is important. If you don't want to read it, feel free to skip this one particular feature.

You will remember how skeptical I was to try these. Since I have continued to go greener and greener (relax, I'm still going to highlight my hair and getting all "done up" each day), I really want to do my part. There are so many tampons and feminine pads sitting in landfills (or if flushed, pehaps lurking with all the medications people toss out so recklessly). Let's not forget the chemicals used to dye the products white, such as dioxane.

I have now purchased products from three stores on Etsy. I am hoping someone will open a similar shop on 1000 Markets to try soon, though. Note: Yay! I recently looked for some on 1000 Markets. There were none. This morning I checked again and there is 1 seller, Randumosity.

After trying them out, seeing how effective they are, and laundering them multiple times, there is a clear winner. This time around, you do get what you pay for. There was no doubt about it in this case.

Here are the three I tried:

Phreaky Boutique--This store is why I have made the switch. I only bought one and just bought more from this shop. The quality is truly several steps higher than the competition. I only ordered the light pantyliner without the lining, yet this is more absorbent than any other in any style from the other companies. The pad has washed well. I have even put it in the dryer without any problems. This absorbs without leaking. It works.

Have already repurchased. 

Sparkliestar83--These were the prettiest, if that counts for anything. The quality is good in terms of stitching, and I had very high hopes. However, even on a very light day typically necessitating a thin pantyliner, these did not last. I could not, for example, take Ben for our morning date and the to Target without having an issue to take care of in the 90 minutes we were gone. The idea behind these was really cool, but in the end it didn't work. This set of 3 came with 3 liners to slide into a pad. There are 2 sewn in "straps" to hold the liner. Essentially, you get 1 snap in pad and three liners to slip in. The purpose would be so you have three liners and can use the snap in with each one. 

After one very brief use, again on a very light day, the liner did not stay in place (they needed to be longer to fit within the two straps) and neither the liner nor liner holder were able to stay dry. At all. I had a good vibe about these after they arrived. They felt well made in terms of quality. They were presented well. They felt like they would word, hence, my very upbeat feedback. I thought, based on appearance and touch alone that this would be a repurchase.

I will not buy more.

Go Green, Girl!--I ordered the 3 piece trial kit. This contained a panty liner for light days, a regular pad, and overnight. 

The overnight will not be used. It says it can be used for post-partum care and I can see why. This is so, so long and big. I do not know if I would even be able to fit it in my underwear. Seriously.

The regular one was fine. It worked just as well as the Phreaky Boutique petite liner. 

The panty liner was very short and thing. It wasn't as absorbent as the Phreaky Boutique product.

Of the three, the regular is just fine. I will not repurchase, though. The lining of all three is white. It also pills after a washing.

I won't repurchase.

Lesson Learned

I was perfectly content with the first one I tried. In an effort to save money and be offered variety in terms of patterns, I tried others. The Amy Butler and the shabby chic fabrics lured me in. Thinking about it, though, who is looking? Seriously. I'm not going to match my feminine care to my earrings...I want it to be effective, eco-friendly, and comfortable.

I really have surpised myself with this one. I didn't expect to like them. I don't enjoy that time or the month, nor do I particularly enjoy talking about feminine hygiene in general. That being said, I feel more comfortable with myself and maybe even more confident about something I have been dreading each month since the 6th grade.

Phreaky Boutique meets those qualifications, so if you're going green with your feminine care and want to try a cloth alternative, this would be the shop on Etsy to try.