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A Day at the Market: Charmed, I'm Sure

Tuesday's shopping excursion includes a nice stop at Charming, a unique market on 1000 Markets. There you'll find anything and everything related to charms. There is something to suit all tastes, from vintage to simple & modern to steampunk. What I love about the market is how much diversity there is. In some shops, you'll also find original artwork to look over, such as the 22 page collage book about love above from Elenamary for $40.

"Unlocking Time" from Transient Treasures, $22.50

Jewel Fire Designs has created this masterpiece of copper & gemstones, $35

Lovely turquoise in this "Sacred Seven" bracelet from Smoke and Feather, $45

A glorious collage of charms in this piece from Liv' n Good Jewelry, $35

Vintage robin's egg ear wires from School of Charms, $16

What a unique cameo from Laura June's Eclectic Atlelier, $35

Wine charms a la Chicago from diffraction, $22

I adore this charm bracelet made by Charming Trinkets $89.95

Gorgeous amethyst & sterling heart from Twisted Jules, $58

Jan Finnell is Over the Top has created this charm with a vintage flair, $28