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A Day at the Market: Rain

My Day at the Market should be changed to Night at the Market this Saturday evening since it is already after 11. The boys are asleep and Tom is playing poker with the neighborhood guys, so I am catching up a bit on the blog. It is raining quite hard, so I thought I'd do a search for "rain" on 1000 Markets and see what lovely items I can find for you.

There's nothing like a rainbow after the rain. This stacker is from Imagination Kids, $20

"Raining Flowers", a handpainted tote from Carry Me Away, $28

Forecast magnets from Punky Bunny Designs, $4

Rain cloud note card from Emmakat, $3

Blue Rain ring from Silver River Metal, $21

Raindrop pendant from Grace Handmade Jewelry, $55.50

Upcycled dog raincoat (which I am trying to picture on our 90 pound dog, Cannon) from Beantown Handmade, $45

Rain: A cuff bracelet from Jewelry & Metals by Stacy, $85