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A Day at the Market: Alyson2

Sock Monkey ("Sven") comes with a little story for your wee one

How lovely are these tape measures for your craft projects?

What a beautiful vanity accessory to hold you earrings and brooches!

Pin Cushion to make you smile while sewing

The first warm and welcoming smile I received when I became a member of the market called The Village at 1000 Markets was a sweet lady named Alyson.

I'd like to spend a moment this morning (and how early it is!) telling you about her great shop, Alyson2.

First of all, you'll find a lovely array of items from handmade pin cushions to little pillows and much more. Her store is full of gifts for that special lady in your life who enjoys sewing. The pin cushions and measuring tapes she makes would look lovely in a basket with other supplies and could be a great Mother's Day gift!

I also think that the diva in your life (or possibly in the mirror) would like to have that beautiful cushion in the third picture to use as an earring, hair pin or brooch holder.

In addition to having many gift worthy items, I've had a ball reading each listing.

There's humor and lightheartedness in nearly every single one, from her descriptions of the pin cushion that's ready to work and enjoys listening to Strauss to the tooth fairy pillow--and that tooth fairy comes with her own pillow on top of that.

For some great shopping and laughs while doing so, you need to head over to Alyson2 today. Give her a warm "hello" and be sure to tell her Chic & Green sent you on over.