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Countdown to Earth Day: Day 7

What a lovely butterfly house! $23

Mason Bee Nesting Box, $23.50

Eco-friendly planter, $73

Today we're counting down to Earth Day 2009 with a visit to the wonderful shop called Andrew's Reclaimed. This shop is owned by the husband and wife team of Andrew and Melissa.

I have been stopping by their shop to browse regularly since I came to 1000 Markets.  I decided to order a butterfly garden after going shopping for seeds the other day with Nick. He wants to start is own garden and I am also planning to turn a portion of the side yard into a wildflower garden. We love butterflies, so this will be perfect. The shade I chose is called Pink Petals and I am sure I'll love it.

I'd like to talk a bit more about the materials Andrew's Reclaimed uses.

The wood they have chosen is Western Red Cedar. AR rescues the wood from old fences, piers, barns and structures which are set to be demolished. Then they re-mills the wood and the unique eco-friendly pieces are made. By the way, the primer and paints are done with a low VOC finish, so you can feel safe with the paint chosen. Stainless steel hardware is also used.

In addition to the butterfly houses (which come with some interesting facts about butterflies), you'll find bat houses, bee boxes, birdhouses, and beautiful flower boxes.

Even though it is snowing today in upstate New York, I know that our warm weather will be arriving at some point in the future. I'm looking forward to hanging the butterfly house from Andrew's Reclaimed. Head over to this unique shop today and perhaps you'll find something for your own garden.