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Countdown to Earth Day: Day 2


I belong to 3 markets on 1000 Markets, and the Eco-Friendly Market is one of them. I knew this market was the place for me to go to find some fabulous finds for my Countdown to Earth Day series.

Today's shop is Grace Graphics.

This shop is truly an Earth-loving shop. Her handmade papers are made from 100% recycled and tree-free fibers. Her inks are all organic based as well. It gets even better!

The cards are beautiful to look at on their own, but at Grace Graphics the cards are plantable (thank you to Nora who told me about this). Inside each card, you'll find North American wildflower seeds, so you can start off a lovely garden and enjoy it for years to come.

I bought some cards this morning. My wonderful great aunt, Aunt Jeanne, just passed away and I needed to find some sympathy cards for her children. I thought that the sympathy cards from this shop would be thoughtful because the recipients will be able to plant flowers that will forever be in bloom in her memory.

In addition to those cards, I bought the boys little monster cards, and a birthday card for my other great aunt, Aunt Jean (Aunt Jeanne's sister in-law).

I know that the boys, especially, will like their cards because they'll be able to start their own wildflower garden.

If you're looking for some unique cards, Grace Graphics is a must-stop shop. Not only are the truly eco-friendly, but they'll bring you years of beauty in your garden.