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Countdown to Earth Day: Day 1

Beginning today, I will be showing you some great items each day until April 22 as I count down to Earth Day.

Today I'm going to recommend some books that are comprehensive, yet enjoyable and simple for children. I firmly believe that the earlier we get our kids involved in making the Earth a better place, the more involved they'll be for the long haul.

Beginning Thursday, I'll show you some great finds to tie in with the Earth Day theme.

Are you local? On April 22, I am excited to have been invited to participate in the Earth Day Celebration at the school my husband and his siblings attended as children. They have a Sustainability Advisory Committee and a wonderful PTSA Environment Committee and do all sorts of wonderful projects to foster awareness.

This annual event has some wonderful vendors and demonstrations, including General Motors, who will be bringing their Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle.  Students will be displaying projects, movie shorts will be shown, and raffles drawn. 

KZM Facial Care Boutique will be donating a basket of skin care and cosmetics totalling more than $60. I will also have a great booth set up with some makeup testers, conducting mini-makeovers, and chatting about natural skin care. I'm also selling some of my items there, too. I look forward to seeing my local customers there! It'll be at Victor Junior High School in the gym, cafeteria and the new Performing Arts Center from 6 to 9pm on the 22nd.

I'm really excited about Earth Day, and I'm getting Nick and Ben very eager as well. We've been planting seeds, talking about fun ways to be eco-conscious, and reading some neat books about preserving our planet.

Here are a couple books I'd like to recommend if you have children:

The Three R's: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle by Nuria Roca (good for preschoolers)

The first two are the ones I enjoy reading with Nicholas. He is 5, but he is very inquisitive. I'd say they'd be good for kids from kindergarten through third or fourth grade. The last two are the ones most easily understood by Benjamin. He'll be 4 in June.