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A Sit Down With Aloha Coconut's Jennifer Savino

Jennifer Savino is the woman behind Aloha Coconut, a paraben-free bath and body business which closed back in early 2008. Savino is back and Aloha Coconut is now open! Let's sit down and talk with Jen, owner of Aloha Coconut.

C & G: For Chic & Green readers who didn't have the pleasure of trying Aloha Coconut before you closed, would you tell them a bit about your company?

JS: Aloha Coconut was born after I turned over a store bought lotion and I read the ingredients. The ingredients contained mineral oil, a bunch of chemicals and preserved with parabens. I understand that no link has been proven between breast cancer and parabens, but I decided to err on the side of caution. I knew if I researched enough, (which I love to do), I could not only learn about ingredients, but also find a way to bring paraben free products to the marketplace in a fun, tropical way.

C & G: Those ingredients labels can be scary, can't they?

I am thrilled to see that you're in business again. You closed about a year ago. Your customers have missed you. What prompted you to re-open your company?

JS: I learned that my customers really missed my products. I also noticed a growing number of paraben free products and companies, but none that really fit the niche I want to fill: "Paraben Free Skincare With a Tropical Flair" is my slogan. More selfishly, I completely missed Aloha Coconut. I missed the interactions with my customers, who are really more like friends. I missed creating everything from the website to the orders. I was really grieving the loss of my company. It is so much a part of me. I pour my heart and soul into it. I hope it shines through to my customers and in my products.

C & G: Your Haupia Bath Whip looks and sounds wonderful. What is your personal favorite from your line?

JS: I am my own best customer of Aloha Coconut. I think in order to run a successful business you have to be. You have to try your products, refine them, improve them and use them. I use all my products and can't pick just one - I honestly love them all!

C & G: So true. I find that if we don't believe in our products, love them, and use them that we cannot remain passionate about them. Passion for our products is essential in this business.

On to a "serious" topic: I adored your Mississippi Mud Pie scent. It was a great, lightweight chocolate. Do you have any new scents on the horizon for your Grand Opening?

JS: I do have quite a few new scents. I am also working on more of my own unique blends. I was afraid of blending in the beginning when I was new to the world of bath and body. I have also added absolutes and essential oils. I hope to expand my offerings to appeal to a wider audience. I think you'd really love cocoa absolute, but I have plans of bringing back the Mississippi Mud Pie scent as well. ;-) Most importantly, I purchase fragrance oils that are "phthalate free".

C & G: That is good to hear. And I adore Cocoa Absolute. I use it often and it smells decadent and true. It is great to see that you're adding essential oils and absolutes to the mix. I am eager to check out the scent list.

I'd like to ask another question. There are so many independent sites these day for bath and body products. What sets yours apart?

JS: I think what sets my company apart is that unlike “big box” retailers and even some etailers, I am accessible to my customers. I care what they have to say, what their needs are, and I respond to them. I believe you can have bath and body products that are good for your skin, and still be lots of fun!

C & G: That is true. I remember my first order with you last February. You were quick to answer questions and just great to talk to. That's so important.

Is there anything else you'd like to add for my readers before we finish up?

JS: I hope you'll give Aloha Coconut a try, and if you use coupon code: "CHICANDGREEN" you'll get 15% off! Thanks Karley!

C & G: Thank you, Jen! I know my readers will enjoy your products and it's nice to see that you're back!