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Shopping in Irondequoit: Rubino's

Chocolate chip cannoli ($1.49) and a Mini Cream Puff ($0.39)

Yum! Parsley, Wine and Cheese homemade sausage ($3.29/lb)

I have to thank my friend, Christine, for reminding me of a great independent business about a mile away: Rubino's.

If you live in Irondequoit, you probably know that Rubino's is an old Italian grocery store where you can find imported items, almond paste in whopping jars, several dozens of different cheeses, meats, homemade sausages and more--not to mention some delicious bakery items. It's on East Ridge Road kind between Portland and Goodman.

They have a fabulous selection of pasta, too--Nick was happy to choose shapes that Wegmans doesn't offer.

I just wanted to briefly share with you my favorite things from Sunday shopping at Rubino's:
the most delicious cannoli I have ever eaten for $1.49 (I bought 2), mini cream puffs for $0.39 each, and the sausage Christine recommended, which was the best Italian Sausage I have ever had....I predict lots of this on the grill when we have cook out this spring and summer. I grilled this with our cast iron grill pan along with some sweet onions, peppers and provolone. The boys devoured it after they swore up and down that sausage is "yucky and gross."

I used two links yesterday, along with some ground sirloin and pork to make homemade sauce to go with the pasta Nick picked. The man at the counter told me that this variety makes the most delicious meatsauce and he was surely right!

Rubino's offers a small indoor seating area as well. I think I'll go again this week for an espresso and mini cream puff. They also make subs--we enjoyed their meatball sub which was full of homemade meatballs--also delicious. If you know me you know that my 3 favorite foods groups are chocolate, cheese and coffee. This place has cheese hanging from the ceiling and it smells great...someone needs to make a Rubino's scented candle, in my humble opinion. Where else can you sit with a mini eclair or cream puff sipping cappucino while you look at dozens of cheeses hanging from the ceiling?

Locals need to check out Rubino's today...and Christine's blog. Thank you, Christine, for reminding me about Rubino's!

Next week I plan to go to Pittsford's new Max Market and I'll share my opinions on that with my local readers.