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The Next Chapter: Secret 11

Yes, it is Friday again! It is hard to believe that we're in Week 11 (out of 12) of Jamie Ridler's online book club to discuss The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women by Gail McMeekin.

Instead of writing a long post, I'm sharing some of my personal notes on the topic. I've already taken the bull by the horns and cancelled some of my memberships with several Ning groups (for businesswomen, creative souls, and bloggers)...those I wasn't participating in daily or those with more negative energy than positive. So I accomplished Step 1 of my Action Plan already! The rest shall be a work in progress.

The first serenity stealer: too many social networking groups/blogging mom groups

Serenity Stealer #2: Negative Thoughts

Barriers to overcome so I can have more serenity in my creative life

My 3 Step Plan of Action!