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My So Called Junky Life Order

I've told you before about one of my favorite Etsy shops, My So Called Junky Life. It's the creation of a sweet lady in Missouri named Sarah. 

I've purchased a couple pairs of earrings, hair accessories and a Christmas star from her before and have been delighted, so I knew I'd love the floral earrings I posted in my blog recently from her shop. After I posted them, I couldn't resist buying them for myself. They arrived today in the mail and they're even lovelier in person that on the internet.

I know they'll brighten my day when it's cloudy and dreary like this and add a punch of color to my wardrobe. Sarah was also kind enough to include a brooch as a gift. I love to collect brooches and wear them often to add something unexpected to my normal wardrobe this time of year of dark flared jeans and a solid colored top.

If you haven't checked out My So Called Junky Life, do so today! Sarah also has a great blog here on Blogger. I entered to win her  Valentine's giveaway in February and actually won, so I had the pleasure of enjoying a whole collection of pink items!