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French Poodles

I have a friend who emailed not long ago asking me if I knew where she could find one of a kind items to fulfill her French Poodle/pink and black shopping wants...I have a loveable German Shepherd from the Humane Society at Lollypop Farm, but Cannon said he didn't mind me doing a pink poodle feature since he thinks the little dogs are "Ooh, La La."

Topazos Designs calls this piece the Poodle Skirt Necklace, $40

The Pink Poodle Cappuccino Set from Classic Rock Cupcakes, $129

Chic poodle baby burp cloth duo from Ingrid B. Designs, $15

Handpainted letted for a little girl's room from Joy Frameworks, $14

Poodle clutch makeup bag from Box of Fireworks, $20

Vintage style poodle apron from Hobo Bethy, $11

Custom Paris Chic crib set from Melissa's Boutique, $230

Vintage feel pin cushion from Alyson2, $45

8 X 10 print from My Pink Turtle Studio, $15

Poodle tags from Fabulous Finds, $4

Vintage enamelware tissue box with a poodle from Home Decor Crafts, $15