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ETSY LOVE: The June Bride

Today I'd like you to meet a talented woman named Karen from The June Bride.

We're going to take an in depth look at this stellar Etsian and take a look at some of her brooches, which have caught the attention of Cookie magazine! Karen's work will be shown in the magazine's April 2009 issue!

Meet Karen

Hi! My name is Karen, I'm an Etsyholic and I have been selling on Etsy under the name of TheJuneBride since February 2008.

Some Background on this Artsy Gal

I have always been considered "crafty", "artsy" and creative. I was forever experimenting with anything I could get my hands on, so much so that one of my teachers nick-named me Einstein in elementary school. High school was much the same... I took art classes in addition to the science classes I loved, and when it came time to choose a college major, I chose Biology rather than art. I do not regret my decision, but now (one marriage and three children later), I am finding that selling my work on Etsy has given me an outlet for my ever-burgeoning creativity in the midst of the more predictable joys and trials of everyday parenthood. 

Striking a Balance

Balancing motherhood & business (I work at home with my kids, around my kids and sometimes despite my kids, but somehow being both a parent and shopkeep seems to be an ideal match for me. I love taking care of them while at the same time enjoying the social connections (and secondary income) that having a shop provides. In truth, I do it for fun since my supportive and hard-working husband pays the bills, but I also feel satisfied that I am able to donate a large portion of my profits to local charities, $1000 already in 2009. (Chic & Green applauds you for this, Karen!)


I love working with textiles, wool in particular. I try to use reclaimed materials as much as physically and financially possible, and this thinking has come to fruition in my line of floral Reclaimed Wool Sweater Brooches... each one a mixture of biology, care for the environment and a healthy dose of recycled felted sweaters. My other products currently include iPod/gadget cases made from recycled materials, baby accessories, reclaimed wool hats and super soft fleece hats for all ages made from recycled pop bottles. I also sell vintage buttons when the shop is slow (though it hasn't been lately!). 

Looking Forward

I have recently laid the groundwork to expand my business into a new Etsy venue called LEVEL, a second shop that will provide the masculine side to my product line.

I have enjoyed every day that I have been selling on Etsy. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about it to take the plunge... it's been an amazing education in creativity, business, photography, time-management and people skills. I'm so grateful that there is a place like Etsy where one person has the ability to do so much with so little.

You can find me at and, in the near future, at

Thank you to Karen for taking the time to visit with us on this sunny day! I'd also like to congratulate her for the Cookie magazine mention! I adore brooches & I can see why the magazine wanted to show their readership her work! Her brightly colored ones would be ideal for spring to add flair to your denim jacket or canvas tote! Check out The June Bride today and let her know Chic & Green sent you.