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ETSY LOVE: In a Lather

Photo of Shampoo That Rocks in Thai Coconut from In a Lather's Etsy shop

My small In a Lather order is shown here.

I told you about In a Lather a few months back. I raved about their Shampoo That Rocks and told you how much I adored it.

At Christmas time, I published my Annual Best in Glow Awards and named it my runner up to the best etailer shampoo of the year.

I am again naming Shampoo That Rocks my MOST favorite shampoo.  My other two favorites have had some ingredients changes. The Lady is a Shamp formula from Starring...! Fragrances is no longer a jojoba recipe and now contains an ingredient I do not use, DMDM Hydantoin. My third place winner contains PEG ingredients. This went on my official list of ingredients to avoid because PEG ingredients have been shown to be contaminated with  1,4 Dioxane, a proven carcinogen rated as one of the most toxic chemicals ever by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

I received another solid shampoo in the mail yesterday from In a Lather. The formula is called Shampoo That Rocks. I had forgotten how much I loved this product. You just rub it on wet hair (or on your hands like I usually do), and you'll get a great lather. Your scalp will feel clean without being stripped. Rhonda, the owner, says that you can expect one solid shampoo of hers to last as long as a standard 8 ounce bottle of shampoo. She is right. This is very long-lasting.

I just put it in a wooden slotted soap dish when I am done so it drains. I keep it out of the shower stream to keep it dry.

I tried this in a new scent--Thai Coconut. This is a lovely tropical coconut-citrus blend for spring. It's just lovely. It's hard to say if I like this better than Lemon Curd because they both are nice for spring! $8.50

I also ordered a Lip Lube for $3.50 in Sugared Lemons. It tastes amazing, nourishes, and comes in my most favorite new lip balm tubes--the slender oval!

Turnaround time is fast and the owner is delightful. I hope you'll make this great Etsy shop one of your must try shops when you need some more shampoo!

Editor's note: See the discussion below in the comments section for an update on this topic regarding other shampoos.