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ETSY LOVE: Follow ups

Unscented laundry eco-friendly laundry detergent from Crunchy Clean

So many natural laundering/stain care tips came with my Crunchy Clean order!

Opening my Winterberry Creek order was a lovely treat!

Oh, how I love this!

This works well with a black long sleeve tee and dark denim!

Yay! My washcloths from Peanut Tree Designs arrived!

They're colorful, soft & fun to look at!

I highly recommend these for gentle facial use! They are great on baby's skin, too!

I have been behind in sharing follow ups on Etsy orders with you, so here I am!

I shared some great items with you that have been received, worn, tested, etc. and I'm back with a report.


The first order I'd like to report back on is my Crunchy Clean order. I ordered the Green Laundry Detergent for $8.00 (68 standard loads or 136 in a high efficiency machine). I was skeptical of the stain-fighting power after using Method and Seventh Generation with results I'd just call OK. That being said, I am extremely impressed! The packaging is very simple--a large Ziploc bag--but it's about using a safer product, and quit frankly, my washer is in the basement and I don't care what the container looks like.

I have used this on my delicates, towels, a comforter, a bath rug, and on all of our clothes--even on the boys' grass-stained jeans from playing outside last week when it was warm enough. It worked quite well, even on those tough stains.

I will, without a doubt, be back for more. It's economical and it's just better in terms of safety and the eco-factor. I chose unscented because I can add my own preferred essential oils if I want a scent. The package included lots of tips on natural laundry care. I started following the one about adding vinegar to the rinse cycle as a fabric softener--no more chemical-filled dryer sheets for me!


Next, I'd like to talk about my order from Winterberry Creek. The shop is closed until March 31st, but I do hope you will check out her store when she reopens. I featured a skinny scarf of hers in a collection called Raspberries a few Saturdays ago, which I proceeded to order that day. I adore this scarf, which has varying deep berries and honts of chocolate brown. It came with a floral brooch and is quite beautiful. I've worn it several times with my navy winter coat, and have also worn it with black. It was a fantastic bargain at $16.95 with exquisite craftsmanship and detailing.


My friend Deanna is the one who introduced me to Peanut Tree Designs. This shop sells baby washcloths, wipes and more. I ordered a pack of 3 100% cotton organic terry washcloths for $6.50. They really are lovely. In addition to being pretty, they are such high quality and oh so soft. I normally don't recommend washcloths to wash the face unless they are specifically for babies, but high quality bay washcloths are few and far between.

The washcloths from Peanut Tree Designs are extra gentle and I have been using them at night with my Facial Cleansing Oil to remove my makeup.

I also use them on Nick and Ben without reservation. I plan to order some more of these soon.


A few weeks ago, I wrote a lengthy piece called Feminine Care Goes Green. It focued on green alternatives to plastic, chemical-filled commercial products which wreak havoc on the environment and pose health risks. I said that I was not keen on the thought of trying something I had to wash, but that I would keep an open mind. Two weeks ago, I received my first "Moon Pad" in the mail from Phreaky Boutique, one of many shops nowadays selling natural feminine products. Not to provide you with too much information, but this is also something I am completely surprised about. I had this preconceived notion in my head about using these, but I was wrong. Wrong--me! All kidding aside, the ease of use and convenience factor is much, much better than I ever would have thought. 

I learned that all I needed to do is keep an open mind and that I may actually feel positive about something I was negative about to begin with. I will buy more of these as well.