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ETSY LOVE: Alchemic Muse

Trio shown in the Alchemic Muse shop

Mango with a hint of almond makes this a lovely blend!

This is a very unique chocolate blend!

A wonderfully soft banana for spring & summer

A sweet, but highly complex chocolate &  fruit blend and an earthy honey

A most delightful chocolate almond and a sweet grapefruit

A very nice lemon almond scent & "a berry nice" grapfefruit & berry blend

If you've been a regular reader of Chic & Green, you  undoubtedly know that my favorite soaps on this earth are by the fabulous Nancy Goodwin of Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soaps. Her soaps are divine--providing users with a soft and creamy lather with nourishment that lasts all day. I love her soaps so much that I asked her if she'd be willing to use my local honey and some royal jelly that I love to make a customized facial bar for my shop (which will be ready when I re-open).

I always have Nan's wonderful palm oil free bars in my bathroom and use them almost exclusively (I also use Cake on Mondays from Cocoa Pink when it is available). Last week I ordered 4 bars for spring for our family to use.

I have been wanting to branch out and try some other unique fragrances not found in Nan's shop (but she has so many terrific ones from which to choose!), so I was excited when my sweet enabling friend, Trina, sent me a link to Alchemic Muse.

Alchemic Muse offers artisanal palm oil free soaps in all sorts of unique scent blends made with essential oils and absolutes. 

First of all, you will notice from the pictures that the full sized bars are absolutely beautiful. I love how they all look so feminine and pretty. Secondly, the scents are truly one of a kind blends. I had planned to order 3 full sized bars, but I could not narrow my scent list down. I opted for the Spa Soap Sampler, which included 4 mini bars for $6. Each bar is about 1/4 of the size of a regular bar. I chose Cocoa Bee, Carousel, Banana Orchid, and Berry Cream.

I also ordered the Mini Candy Ltd. Edition Trio. This came with 3 small bars of soap: Honey Balsam, Peruvian Cacao, and Sweet Talk. These bars were 1/3 size of the regular bars and sold for $6 as well. For $12 plus shipping, I was able to try out 7 different soaps.

My order arrived and each soap was individually wrapped in soap wax paper and labeled with the complete ingredients list. I also received a sample of Mango Grove from the lovely owner of this great business.

I have three scents I will definitely order full-sized bars in: Peruvian Cacao, Banana Orchid, and Sweet Talk. The first is a slightly spicy chocolate. It's an intense scent and is just intoxicating. Banana Orchid surprised me! I am not in love with banana scents in general, but this is a grown up scent rounded out by the addition of ylang ylang.

 The Sweet Talk deserves its own paragraph. This one is a very complex scent. It contains decadent cocoa absolute, the truest natural chocolate scent there is--but it is made so cheerful and uplifting with a blend of tangerine, clementine, mandarin and ruby red grapefruit essential oils. The citrus justs adds so much life to the cocoa absolute--it is a scent that almost dances and does a curtsy when you sniff it because it knows it smells that good.

The other scents are nice--I have a feeling the boys will love the Berry Cream, especially. The three I mentioned above just are completely unique and are definite repurchases.

In terms of feel on the skin, I can tell you that these soaps lather quite well. They are moisturing and don't make my skin feel tight either.

Finding a soapmaker who offers great soaps without palm oil is hard. So many people continue to make their soaps with this ingredient even though it has resulted in massive deforestation and peril to the orangutan population. I am pleased that there's another compassionate soaper out there who not only cares about this issue, but who also makes a fantastic bar of soap!

I can definitely recommend Alchemic Muse.