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A Day at the Market: A Stone's Throw

The Joanna Tote, $50

The Robin Headband, $5

Perfect spring bag! The Madeline Tote, $50

It's a beautiful Monday at 1000 Markets, and today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Jessica of A Stone's Throw.  Jessica is a proud military wife, and finds that creating her lovely accessories helps the time go by just a tad faster while her husband faces deployments and training exercises.

She clearly is talented at her craft. Her handbags are just lovely. Made of 100% cotton in a heavier home decorator weight, these will be as sturdy as they are beautiful. I love how she offers different styles to go with different moods. I know there are days I want a feminine shabby-chic inspired piece, and the Madeline tote (above in third picture) is an ideal spring and summer companion. 

There are days, though, when I just want to pair something fun with my dark jeans and a simple top--the Joanna bag (the first picture) would be perfect for a day like that.

Jess also offers some great headbands, some of which match the handbags in her shop. They are fun and affordably priced. 

I am really eager to see what else is added to A Stone's Throw. The owner said that she hopes to offer quilts in the near future as well. Please head on over to this lovely shop -- you handbag fanatics will surely find something to suit your tastes!