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A Day at the Market: Safiya

Sugar cookie bath bombs look good enough to eat (well, almost) $6

Virgin Coconut Body Scrub, 16 oz. for $24
Luxuriously Rich Body Butter in Dulce, 8 ounces for $20

Let's take another stroll over to 1000 Markets today. I'd like you to meet Nailah, the lovely woman behind Safiya, a natural bath and body products business.

Nailah told me, "I started Safiya Beauty as a way to truly create natural beauty products that used skin-loving, good-for-you ingredients but still retained the luxury and opulence of traditional beauty products. I've always had sensitive skin and often would not be able to use the very products I craved."

Her research and continuous learning have her off to a great start because her products look truly decadent. She is concerned about the ingredients used in products, and her products are natural and eco-friendly.

You'll find body butter made with the finest butters, distillates and essential oils; body scrub made with virgin coconut oil and sugar, soaps and more. If you would like to pamper yourself, I encourage you to visit Nailah at Safiya Beauty and check out her wholesome indulgences.