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A Day at the Market: Good Dirt Jewelry

Earthenware starfish pendant, $25

Handmade cabochon of fossil walrus ivory created by Jo's husband was made into this pendant, $45

Fleur de lis ceramic ring, $17

Welcome to the first edition of A Day at the Market, our daily visit with unique shops on 1000 Markets.

Today's stop is at the shop called  Good Dirt Jewelry, the business created by Jo Stanbrough. One of Jo's interests is in ancient cultures and their symbols. This passion is clearly reflected in her work. Nature lovers will rejoice in the finds presented to us so creatively at Good Dirt Jewelry, as the elements are beautifully incorporated into her work.

When you visit Good Dirt Jewelry, you will find modern primitive pieces which are earthy while remaining quite chic. They celebrate the wonders of nature, from the materials used to the themese of each piece. 

The jewelry is quite lovely in this shop. She offers some unique rings, pendants and so much more. My favorite piece in her shop is quite simple, but in one of my favorite shades of blue: the Fleur de Lis ring shown above. I could see myself wearing it often with jeans.

Jo also has a great blog on 1000 Markets, which I hope you'll take time to read. She not only tells us about the "mistakes" that have turned into beautiful creations, but she shares some great insight into the materials chosen for her art. 

Interesting tidbits: Jo, a classically trained pianist, lives on Grizzly Mountain in Oregon. Her husband also shares a passion for creating with his own shop on 1000 Markets, Grizzly Mountain Arts, which I plan to feature in an upcoming piece.