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Budding Local Talent: Mr. Nicholas

I have not had a chance to do my regular posting for today...I will be back tomorrow. While I'm stopping in, I must share my own local talent: my 5 year old, Nick :)

Nicholas has "A Celebration of Creativity" at school this evening and it's a voluntary exhibition for all kids to showcase a project--cooking, drawings, paintings, etc. Our Nick loves music, but art isn't his favorite thing, so I was happy he volunteered for this and is giving it a try.

His piece is called "Snakes" and the pieces are made of polymer clay and a couple of dirty finger prints from his little brother. He nestled the family of snakes in a bed of old leaves from the back garden and included a drawing and sentence to go along with his snakes.


I'll be back tomorrow with a great shop from 1000 Markets and a themed assortment of items from Etsy. I may even just have a chance to post a beauty review.