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An Award

I want to thank the Misa Polish blog for giving Chic & Green a "Your Blog is Fabulous" award! I appreciate it! I know this blogger loves reading the DIY Wednesday features and reviews, and I promise to have more of these very soon! I'm working on a project showing what we can do with a block of beeswax right now. This will be up in the next week or 2.

I'd like to also share with you a few of my own favorite blogs:

Finding Abundance in Everyday Life is written by Christine. It is interesting how she and I met. I was buying an enamelware bowl off of eBay last year and the seller emailed me to say she lived in the same zipcode. The seller could have been anywhere, but she's a blogging mom to a child a bit older than Benjamin and we share many common interests. It's so neat how this bowl on eBay has turned into a friendship! Christine has really neat ideas, loves buying locally, organic gardening, and all sorts of cool things.

City Girl Lifestyle is another blog I regularly read. The woman behind CGL is someone I came to know a couple of years ago online and she blogs about paraben-free products, cooking, fashion, Indie shopping in NYC and Washington, among other things. I recommend her blog.

Pink Heels is a blog I came across when CGL had her first blog, Beauty Musings. Jennifer of Pink Heels is truly someone I look up to. She left her position as a corporate executive so she could pursue a more personally fulfilling path. She empowers women each and every day with her professional services. In addition to this, she's pursuing her Ph.D., is a nursing professor, and yoga coach. it doesn't get much more inspiring!

Of a Certain Age is another blog I read. While I am not yet "of a certain age" chronologically, I really enjoy Karen's blog. I didn't know of it until a sweet customer of mine asked me to check out her blog, and I've happily been a reader ever since. Karen is a woman who loves fashion, being a true individual, and helping others to feel better about themselves. Her blog is just fun and I am always eager to see what she's put together!